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About us

BAKTI is created and designed by LA based designers and sister duo Nicole and Pauline Baktiarian. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, each jewelry piece is inspired by their unique travels as the sisters embrace culture in every aspect of the world.  Sophisticated meets sexy, as the BAKTI women create your iconic, next level conversation starter. Reinforcing the sisters’ mantra: ‘The right amount of edge.’

Design is in bloodline for the BAKTI women, making them the fourth generation of their dynasty.  Nicole and Pauline co-dependently create individualized abstract pieces. Two perspectives come together as each piece is crafted with the most intricate attention to fine detail.

Craftsmanship is taken very seriously as 14K gold is poured into the most exquisite molds.  Handset diamonds and precious gemstones complete each piece’s aesthetic, creating the perfect unity of elegance and structure.

Each piece you wear becomes an extension of your inner risk taker.  The BAKTI collection is designed and crafted from the hands of BAKTI woman for the limitless imagination of every woman.